August 2019 Mississippi ICE Raid: Managers and HR Federally Indicted

Managers, HR personnel, and supervisors, etc. continue to be the target of criminal investigations related to hiring and employment of unauthorized workers and egregious I-9 violations. What Happened: Last August we reported on the massive ICE raid and investigation on in Mississippi. It ended up being the largest single-state worksite enforcement operation in existence. The raid resulted in the detainment of 680 unauthorized workers, prosecution of 119 unauthorized workers, and criminal action against the US employers. The indictments that came out of that investigation have been unsealed, so we are reporting on what we have learned about pending criminal charges for several managers and HR

DHS Extends Temporary I-9 Changes Until November 19, 2020

DHS is once again extending the flexibility in I-9 requirements for employers operating remotely due to COVID-19. The flexibility allows employers with specifically written policies to review documents provided to establish identity and employment authorization remotely. With this extension these policies will now last from September 19th until November 19, 2020. As a reminder, we reported on the changes here and explain how to implement a COVID-related policy implementing these I-9 flexibilities: DHS Guidance Update for E-Verify and I-9 Compliance During COVID-19 Pandemic As a reminder, the policy allows for employers with specifically written policies to virtually inspect documents present

Increased DOL Audits! How should Employers Prepare?

Employers should prepare for a DOL audit at the start of the Employer-sponsored Permanent Residency Process: We are seeing a significant increase in DOL Audits of PERM applications and recruitment process. We are not surprised by this recent trend and we were not caught off guard, because our practices has always been prepare, prepare, prepare. When we prepare recruitment instructions and PERM applications, we prepare for these assuming we will be audited. We provide our Employer clients step by step instructions on how to comply with regulations, and we also ensure our clients are properly and timely saving the recruitment evidence. Our practice is to have a fully completed Recruitment

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