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About Us

We were shocked by how many HR reps
underestimated the detail of their I-9 forms."

President & CEO Mira Mdivani

In the early 2000s we watched countless corporate leaders and HR managers pay significant fines, face arrest and more due to even the tiniest mistakes in  H1-B, I-9 and Green Card visa forms.

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Knowing that we had the information to prevent these mistakes and a passion for empowering HR directors and business owners, in 2009 we created CICI, an certification/training service with the goal of equipping tools for businesses so they never have to deal with fines or legal troubles again.  All training is prepared and conducted by business immigration lawyers with deep subject matter of expertise.

Empower businesses with the legal information they need to run their businesses.

Our Goal

Every module sent out is double and triple checked so your documents are filled out with the best capacity.

Our Values

Our lawyer-led is always up to date on any changes in the law, ensuring you have all the needed information and more.

Every module sent out is formed from the highest quality.

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