California Packing Company Assessed Over $168,000 of Fines for I-9 VIolations

After three years of litigation, California based farming and packing company succeeds in significantly reducing their overall penalty only because ICE makes a procedural mistake during the I-9 penalties review hearing. The company still ends up paying $480 per I-9, plus attorney fees for the cost of defending the 3 year long case. In 2012, ICE fined California-based Foothill Packaging Inc. $168,455 for I-9 related violations. There were a total of 382 Forms I-9 in dispute. Of the 382 alleged violations, 44 were paper violations, 1 was a knowingly hiring an unauthorized worker violation, and 337 were a failure to record document information in section 2 violations. The fines issued were set

Two Houston Waste Disposal Company Managers Face Serious Jail Time and Fines After Being Convicted o

Size and industry type do not necessarily insulate employers from ICE Worksite Enforcement. On April 8, 2016, a federal jury convicted two waste disposal company managers in Houston, Texas, for employing undocumented workers. Each manager faces a mandatory 24-month prison sentence and could spend more than 10 years behind bars in addition to a possible fine amount of more than $250,000. The company did an internal I-9 audit before being indicted; untrained managers largely ignored the audit recommendations and continued to employ undocumented workers. Internal audits are only helpful if they are conducted along with training for those dealing with I-9s and immigration compliance by those who

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