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Metal Fabrication Company Fined Over $300,000 for I-9 Violations Caused by Highly Experienced, but U

Now bankrupt Arizona metal company, DLS Precision Fab LLC. (DLS), is ordered to pay $305,050 for I-9 related violations.

The 9th Circuit court of Appeals denied DLS’ claims to a “good faith defense,” and upheld liability and fines for 503 out of 504 violations previously decided by the Administrative Law Judge.

Out of the 504 violations before the Court of Appeals for review, 389 were for I-9 “paper violations,” and 15 were for “continuing to employ an unauthorized alien,” in violation of 8 USC 1324a(a)(2) and 1324a(b.)

DLS argued they had made a good faith effort at compliance by hiring a “well qualified Human Resources Manager,” and that the company should not be held liable for this manager’s errors and omissions. The Court disagreed and stated that the HR Manager is an agent of Employer and his errors are imputed to the Employer.

Updated Corporate Immigration Compliance training for HR Departments is crucial. Immigration laws and regulations are constantly changing, and many highly experienced HR Professionals do not have the updated training and certifications that are essential to protect their companies, and themselves personally, from potential liability.

CICI provides a step by step “hands on” Corporate Immigration Compliance Officer Training, with SHRM certification. This training includes sample plans policies and procedures that can be immediately adopted and implemented by the HR Professional’s employer. Additionally, this training and individual certification is a valuable addition to the HR Professional’s qualifications and resume.

Leyla McMullen. Business Immigration Attorney MDIVANI CORPORATE IMMIGRATION LAW FIRM

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