Compliance Officer Training Manual
  1. INTRO:         Mdivani Business Immigration Checklist

  2. SECTION 1:  Immigration Compliance Checklist, ICE Best Employment Practices, & Immigration                                Compliance Policy

  3. SECTION 2:  I-9 Self Audits

  4. SECTION 3:  Annual Employer Immigration Compliance Training

  5. SECTION 4:  I-9 Procedures

  6. SECTION 5:  E-Verify & FAR E-Verify Procedures

  7. SECTION 6:  Social Security Administration No Match

  8. SECTION 7:  Balancing Employer Immigration Compliance with Non-Discrimination

  9. SECTION 8:  Contractor Immigration Compliance

  10. SECTION 9:  Immigration Compliance Records

  11. SECTION 10: Government Audit Procedures

Additional Goverment Documents
  1. M-775 E-Verify Manual

  2. E-Verify Memorandum of Understanding MOU

  3. M-396 Guide to Selected U.S. Travel and Identity Documents

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