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IRCA Discrimination Lands Law Firm With Fine From DOJ

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

What happened?

Law Resources Inc. and law firm, Arnold & Porter Key Scholer LLP, are being fined over $50,000 for screening out non-US citizens and US citizens with dual citizenship for employment and placement on a project at Arnold & Porter. They are also required to pay thousands in backpay to the affected workers.

The activities directly violate the Immigration and Nationality Act’s anti-discrimination provision, which dictates that an employer cannot pre-screen potential employees for citizenship status.

Why does this matter?

Both Arnold & Porter Key Scholer LLP and Law Resources, Inc. believed they were in compliance with the INA, but misunderstanding the law surrounding hiring and employment practices caused the companies to discriminate against work authorized individuals. Even as lawyers, the alleged violators were not protected from these DOJ-based discrimination charges.

Discrimination in the hiring process (I-9 process) is common. In our experience, inadvertent discrimination happens more than intended discrimination. Without proper training, we find employers often mistakenly require specific documentation or reverify documents that they shouldn’t. Like these companies, employers are caught off guard because they are trying to walk the line of compliance and employee rights, and are required to pay thousands in fines.

To access an anti-discrimination policy in hiring and training on how to avoid discrimination, you can visit us

Danielle Atchison


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