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Who Do U.S. Employers Jump Through the Hoops for? DOL Report Shows Employers Continue to Sponsor Gre

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

November 1, 2016. Analysis of the DOL report summarizing up-to-date 2016 numbers makes it clear that U.S. employers continue to jump through considerable legal and financial hoops to undergo employment-based green card process to retain international personnel for positions that US labor market does not have sufficient number of qualified U.S. workers. DOL numbers show that that top occupations are in computer, mathematics, and engineering fields in professional, scientific an tech services, with over 47% of them requiring advanced degrees. Specifically, the report shows that Top 5 Employment-Based Green Card Occupations are: Computer and Mathematical 67,365 (58%) Architecture and Engineering 9,949 (9%) Management 9,035 (8%) Business and Financial Operations 6,831 (6%) Education, Training, and Library 3,837 (3%) Top 5 Industries are:

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services 52,514 (45%) Manufacturing 18,583 (16%) Information 10,882 (9%) Finance and Insurance 6,585 (6%) Retail Trade 5,093 (4%) Minimum Education Requirements for the green card positions are: Advanced Degree: 54,706 (47%) Bachelor's Degree: 45,423 (39%) Less than Bachelor's 12,145 (11%) Other 3,657 (3%) While the employment-based green card process for international personnel is complex and expensive for U.S. employers, employers choose to engage in it to avoid a less beneficial alternative, which is outsourcing these US jobs abroad.

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