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Why Should Employers Engage in the Employment-Based Green Card Process?

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

The employment-based green card process is a tool for U.S. employers to use to recruit and retain international personnel. Usually, employers recruit and find the most qualified talent. Sometimes the most qualified talent is someone who needs a work visa to get to work and to stay working they will need a green card. Even though, in many circumstances, the employment-based green card process will not need to begin right away for a worker, it will undoubtedly come up during the interview process with a potential worker. International personnel want to know they are working with a company that is interested in their long-term retention.

It also matters at what level of sophistication an employer can talk with their prospective or current international personnel about work visas and the employment-based green card. U.S. Employers should consider learning about this process to attract and retain talent. It is a business tool-employers who understand at utilize this process will have a competitive edge on the market and have access to a wider pool of applicants.

We provide training on the Employment-based Green Card Process. It is a one-hour live webinar where we break down the process into four palatable steps and discuss how your team can start or enhance the integration of the green card process into your recruiting and retention plans.

Danielle Atchison


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