Which I-9 Documents Need to Be Reverified?

One of the rules applicable to I-9 acceptable documents is that the document must be valid on the day of the form I-9 execution. Most documents presented do not need to be re-verified after the I-9 is completed as long as they were valid on the day of presentation. For example, if a lawful permanent resident card (commonly referred to as "green card") expires after the I-9 is executed, it does not need to be reverified when it expires. However, I-9 Administrators must remember to reverify several I-9 documents before they expire by recording new documents presented in Section 3 of the I-9 or executing a new additional Form I-9. For example, while the "green card" does not need to be reverified, temporary evidence of the permanent resident alien status such as I-551 stamp or a machine-readable Immigrant Visa with a I-551 notation, must be reverified before they expire. I-9 administrators must remember that they cannot require a specific document, such as a new green card, to re-verify the expiring green card. Instead, they should remember to accept either a List A document or a combination of List B and C documents. List of Documents to Be Reverified Before They Expire: List A Documents

  • Temporary Evidence of Lawful Permanent Residence in the form of I-551 Stamp in a Foreign Passport

  • Temporary Evidence of Lawful Permanent Residence in the form of a machine-readable Immigrant Visa with a I-551 Notation

  • Employment Authorization Document Form I-776

  • Foreign Passport with I-94 Showing Status Allowing Work for the Employer

List C Documents

  • I-20 with CPT notation (for students)

  • DS 2019 (for J exchange visitors)

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