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The Beginning of the Employer-Based Green Card Process: Designating An Attorney as a User for the E

Initial PERM Registration and Designating an Attorney

Recently, we have had some clients asking for detailed instructions on how to make sure we are designated as their attorney when they set up their PERM account.

When an employer starts the green card process for their employee, they have to register for a PERM account with the Department of Labor ("DOL") to allow them to start preparing the online PERM application. The PERM userguide gives detailed instructions, beginning on page 7, on how the employer should register for PERM. It is imperative that employers set up their accounts themselves. However, as part of this registration process, the employer will be able to designate an attorney and provide their attorney with login information so the attorney can utilize the employer's PERM account.

It is extremely important that the employer provides the contact information for their attorney so that their attorney is able login on the employer's behalf and aid in completion of the PERM application. The sooner the employer completes the attorney designation, the quicker the process can get begin, and the employee will be one step closer to receiving their green card.

Already Registered for PERM but Have Not Designated an Attorney

If the employer already has a PERM account set up for their company but an attorney is not added, the employer would follow the detailed instructions that begin on page 21 of the PERM userguide. These instructions guide the employer through adding a user and the employer will select "lawyer" as the sub-account user type. Once the attorney is added to the account, the employer will need to email the law firm the username. The DOL will subsequently email the password/pin number to the attorney's email address that the employer has specified. At this point, the attorney will be able to start completing the PERM application for the employer.

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