Form I-9 List of Acceptable Documents: What is an I-94?

October 8, 2013


An I-94 is the Arrival/Departure Record issued by a U.S Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officer to foreign visitors entering the U.S.  The I-94 is also a valid Form I-9 List A document for a nonimmigrant alien authorized to work based on an employer-sponsored visa.  

Prior to April 2013, foreign visitors received a paper copy of the I-94, stamped by a CBP Officer, and kept within the foreign passport.  In April 2013, CBP began issuing electronic versions of the I-94.  When entering the U.S., CBP provides each traveler with an admission stamp that is annotated with date of admission, class of admission and admitted until date.

Electronic I-94: Where and How to Get Them


Electronic versions of the I-94 can be obtained through the CBP website.   In order to retrieve an I-94 Admission number, the traveler must enter the information on the travel document used to enter the U.S.  This process should allow the traveler to obtain their I-94 Admission number and print the I-94 document.


Common Problems

Unfortunately, many of our clients have found that their identification information is often entered incorrectly- usually, by only one number or letter- and the electronic system will not allow them access to their I-94.  This means they cannot get a copy of their I-94 to present to their employer.  When this happens, the traveler must make an appointment with CBP to correct the mistakes at the nearest CBP Deferred Inspection Site.


Judith Robinson
Corporate Immigration Attorney

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