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Lawyer Approved Tips for the Form I-9

This week at CICI we sat down with Leyla McMullen, Business Immigration Attorney of Mdivani Corporate Immigration Law Firm, to discuss some help tips for business completing the Form I-9.

Leyla is wrapping up her summer working on I-9 audits and found that many businesses are utilizing online software to simplify the I-9 process. While we find some components of this software to be useful - we are finding minor mistakes that could be costing your business thousands or more in fines.

Learn more in our discussion below, and find out how you can secure your business.

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Leyla McMullen

Business Immigration Attorney


NOT LEGAL ADVICE: This article is for educational purposes only, it is not legal advice that may be applicable to your situation.

The information provided here does not constitute legal advice. It is general information regarding law and policy that may be applicable to your particular HR issue or legal problem. Information provided in this blog, or any of our other public posts, does not create an attorney-client relationship. For specific advice you can rely upon, please contact your attorney.

Amanda Gonzalez

Director of Training Experience

Corporate Immigration Compliance Institute


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