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FAQ: Is A Permanent Resident Card with a USCIS-Issued Sticker A Valid List A Document?

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

I-9 compliance can be confusing, and it is important to know what types of documents you can accept to avoid mistakes and discrimination. Common questions from I-9 Administrators revolve around permanent resident cards.

Can I accept a green card with a sticker on the back of it?

Yes! Permanent Resident Cards are valid List A documents that give an individuals the indefinite right to live and work in the U.S. When a permanent resident is waiting for a renewal of the card, USCIS may issue a sticker on the back of the permanent resident card noting automatic extension of the validity of the document.

Do I need to reverify this individual’s work authorization when it expires?

No. Employers should not reverify employment authorization of anyone presenting a green card or an extended green card with a sticker on the back.

Training on this and related I-9 issues can be found at the Corporate Immigration Compliance Institute.

Danielle Atchison

Business Immigration Attorney


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