Supreme Court’s Decision to Uphold DACA A Relief for US Businesses

The Supreme Court upheld the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program today. Within 10 minutes of the decision, a business owner whose essential transportation-related business employs DACA workers, texted me about how relieved he was.

DACA provides employment authorization to young immigrants who contribute to many essential businesses. Without these employees, many essential businesses, including hospitals, food and agriculture-related employers, transportation and logistics businesses, are in danger of losing valuable workers and business operation disruption.

Many US employers breathed a sigh of relief as stability of the workforce is at the core of their ability to operate. Thanks to this Supreme Court decision, U.S businesses can now continue to operate delivering essential services in our community.

Link to Supreme Court Decision:

In practical terms, we will be working with our business clients on how to plan further and how to document continuous employment eligibility of their DACA employees on I-9s.

Mira Mdivani


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