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Mdivani Lawyers Taking Care of Business during Pandemic

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Our message to clients and colleagues:

We know you are getting updates about COVID-19 non-stop. Our firm values your business. We want to make sure you know we are prepared to diligently work on your matters through this pandemic.

  • WE ARE PREPARED: Our attorneys are fully equipped to work from home without any business interruption. We have cloud-based phone and computer systems, remote connection, a system to support each other, and we will step in if one of us is down with the virus. We are dedicated to seamlessly taking care of our clients.

  • UPDATE FROM DHS: Department of Homeland Security, specifically USCIS, has not given any inclination that they will be extending or changing any deadlines due to COVID-19.

  • WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU: Clear communication. Since DHS is not making any concessions due to COVID-19, we will continue be diligent in communicating our needs for filing fees, signatures, etc. between our business and yours to ensure we are accomplishing timely filings.

Please let us know if your business has any special needs for us to accommodate during this crazy time. Stay healthy, stay safe. We are all in this together!

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