E-Verify is Up and Running: How to E-Verify New Employees Hired When It Was Down

October 17, 2013 - E-Verify became unavailable to employers due to the federal government shutdown on October 1, causing inability to E-Verify for employers who are E-Verify users. Now that the shutdown is over, E--Verify is up and running again. 1. E-VERIFY ALL NEW HIRES Make sure to E-Verify all new workers hired beginning today, October 17, 2013 2. WHAT ABOUT WORKERS HIRED BETWEEN OCTOBER 1 and OCTOBER 16, 2013? What should we do with employees hired bebween October 1 and October 16th, 2013 E-Verify these workers now. In the line asking you why the E-Verification was not done within the three-day mandatory period, write "E-Verify was not available due to the Government Shutdown."

Posted by Mira Mdivani Corprorate Immigration Attorney The Mdivani Law Firm I-9 and E-Verify Training: LINK

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