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ICE Begins Another Round of I-9 Audits Against Employers; How to Prepare for an ICE I-9 Audit

The Department of Homeland Security has announced another round of one thousand ICE I-9 audits against employers. We have already heard from employers that have received Notices of Inspection in Missouri, Kansas and Kentucky. ICE is making a point of insisting that employers put extra efforts into immigration compliance. What does it mean for businesses? In internal I-9 audits, we find that 99% of I-9s have errors. This often comes as a shock to employers, whose HR departments usually try to do a great job with I-9s; the problem is, most employers lack a system that includes consistent I-9 training, internal audits, and other measures from the ICE Best Practices List to ensure error-free I-9s. It means employers cannot wait until ICE serves them with a notice. It is best to comply with requirements of the Immigration Reform and Control Act before the government begins investigating an employer. How to prepare for an ICE I-9 Audit: I wrote about this a couple of years ago, and here is a link to a short article outlining how an employer should prepare: LINK.

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