USCIS has Completed the H-1B Initial Registration Process

March 30, 2020


USCIS has Completed the H-1B Initial Registration Process.  What’s next for Employers?


USCIS announced last Friday that it completed H-1B Initial Electronic Registration Process for CAP H-1Bs, and that they have started notifying employers who were selected in the Registration. USCIS says it intends to notify employer petitioners if they were initially selected by March 31, 2020.

Employers who registered can check their MyUSCIS accounts to see if they have been selected.  If selected, their status will show as “selected” and they should receive a notice as the below sample.



What should employers do if they were selected?

If selected, you should contact your business immigration lawyer right away so they can file your Petition.  If you were selected and you do not have a lawyer, you should consult an experienced business immigration lawyer right away.  There is a limited time during which you can file your H-1B petition.  Additionally, the process is very technical, and minor errors can cause a rejection or a denial.


For more information on the H-1B process, please consider registering for live training on the H-1B Process, by an experienced business immigration lawyer here:











Leyla McMullen

Business Immigration Attorney



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