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ICE Worksite Investigations and I-9 Audits Soar in FY 2018: What this Means for Employers

What do employers need to know?

The U.S. Department Homeland Security (DHS) has released the statistics of criminal investigations, corporate audits, and related arrests carried out by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in the fiscal year 2018. As I mentioned in a previous post, special agents opened 6,848 worksite investigations in FY 2018, quadrupling the amount from FY 2017, and conducted 5,981 I-9 audits. These enforcement actions resulted in 779 criminal arrests, 1,525 administrative arrests, and 49 criminal convictions of employers in management positions.

Why should employers care?

As we have reported, ICE has promised to crack down on employers by conducting investigations and I-9 audits at unprecedented numbers.

What should employers do?

In light of these statistics, every company should consider providing mandatory training on corporate immigration compliance for anyone in the hiring chain, and implement corporate immigration plans, policies, and procedures based on ICE best practices. To sign up for a training webinar with the Corporate Immigration Compliance Institute, click HERE.


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