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Mira Mdivani and Danielle Atchison Publish New Book, H-1B Demystified: A Step-by-Step Guide for US E

Attorneys at the Mdivani Corporate Immigration Law Firm, Mira Mdivani and Danielle Atchison, have recently published their new book, H-1B Demystified: A Step-by-Step Guide for US Employers. According to Mdivani, the purpose of the book is to be used as a primary tool for US businesses to keep international talent within the United States.

“Considering the absent availability of H-1B visas, US companies have no choice but to send high-tech and other skilled jobs abroad, where the talent is available,” says Mdivani. “For example, according to KC tech council, there are currently over 13,000 open IT jobs in Kansas and Missouri, while just over 3,000 people are graduating with applicable tech degrees.” Mdivani explains that employers here certainly recruit across the US, where they are in steep competition for the same talent with companies across the west and east coast. Their other options are to attempt to keep talent within the US through the H-1B program, or to outsource these jobs to India, Canada, Ireland, or Eastern Europe, where IT graduates may be available.

Atchison describes the book as an easy-to-use guide for navigating the H-1B program: “We have a very specific way of practicing, and we thought our current and potential clients would be interested in having a practical guide on how the process works.” She explains that they break down the process to help employers understand the relevant vocabulary and also dive into prevailing wage analysis, which can be a very confusing area for new (and even experienced) H-1B employers.

Mdivani says she would like to thank Atchison for “excellent drafting, despite being so busy, and for making all of this happen to complete the project.” For more information about the authors’ practice and on how to receive a copy of the book, see this link.

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