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USCIS Launches Employee Portal: myE-Verify

USCIS recently announced the launch of a new website designed for employees called myE-Verify. The website, the first of its kind, is for employees and will aid in combatting fraud, protecting employee identity, and educating United States workers.

myE-Verify, an extension of the already established E-Verify, is free to employees and use is voluntary. If employees choose to utilize it, there are helpful features like Self Check and the Employee Rights Toolkit. Additionally, the following services are being introduced within myE-Verify:

  • -myE-Verify accounts – Allows employees and job seekers to set up free and secure personal accounts to manage the use of their information in E-Verify and Self Check through the available myE-Verify features.

  • -Self Lock – Allows individuals to lock their social security numbers to prevent unauthorized or fraudulent use within E-Verify. Users can proactively protect their identities from being used by others to illegally gain employment. Self Lock is available only to myE-Verify account holders.

  • -myResources – A section of the myE-Verify site that contains information in multi-media formats to educate employees about their rights as well as responsibilities of employers in the employment eligibility verification process.

At this point, only individuals in five states- Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, Mississippi, and Virginia and the District of Columbia, can access and utilize myE-Verify. USCIS hopes to roll out myE-Verify soon to the rest of the country, accompanied by additional features that are focused on employees and those seeking jobs.

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