International Personnel



International personnel move around the world to find the best jobs, and U.S. employers need and want the best talent. In the process of hiring these individuals, immigration issues will likely arise.


We understand that employers do not have time to research information about work visas and green cards, so we provide palatable one-hour webinars (or longer, if needed) for employers looking to learn more about the processes they must engage to obtain the best possible work force.


All training is conducted by experienced Business Immigration Attorneys who break down the complicated processes, step-by-step, to ensure that trainees walk away with a better understanding of how to proceed with their business decision. Training topics range from discussing short-term business trips for foreign talent to long-term retention of the employee through the convoluted employment-based green card process.


Have questions about the immigration process for international personnel?

Contact us!  We can help you understand what international personnel options are available for your business and provide you with a complete picture of the process, from start to finish. 


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Corporate Immigration Compliance Institute does not provide legal advice or engage in the practice of law. The information provided during training and included in the training materials is general information on the topics covered; it not intended to be a fully comprehensive analysis of the subjects addressed. If you have questions about specific applicability of laws, rules and regulations to your specific situation, or other questions of a legal nature, those questions should be directed to your legal counsel.