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Businesses who use contractors and subcontractors may be exposed to civil and criminal liability for their contractors' failure to comply with immigration law. Under Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Best Employment Practices guidelines, employers should establish a protocol for assessing the adherence to ICE Best Practices by their contractors and subcontractors. You may also find yourself on the receiving end of your customer's request for assurances that your company complies with immigration law. In this program, you will learn what the Immigration Reform and Control Act says regarding employer liability for contractor's failure to comply, the government's recent policy statements, and prosecutions of employers. You will learn how to incorporate a protocol for assessing your contractors' compliance in your Employer Immigration Compliance Plan. You will learn how to draft contractor immigration certification forms. You will learn how to work with contractors on obtaining their immigration compliance certifications by including them in contracts or purchase orders. You will also learn how to document your own immigration compliance in a form acceptable to your customers. Approved for 2.8 hours of Missouri CLE credit and 3.0 hours of Kansas CLE credit.

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  • Prosecution by Government and Lawsuits by Competitors and Employees

  • Statutes and Government Policy Statements

    • IRCA

    • M-274

    • ICE Best Employment Practices

  • Cases on Point

    • Zirkle Fruit Company

    • Wal-Mart

    • Fischer Construction

  • How to Work With Your Contractors

    • The Learning and Resentment Curve

    • How to Draft a Contractor Immigration Certification Form and Sample Form

    • Other acceptable certification language

    • Review Contractor's Employer Immigration Compliance Plan, Policies and Procedures if in doubt

  • How to Satisfy Your Customer's Requests for Assurances that Your Company Complies with Immigration Law Requirements

    • Written Employer Immigration Compliance Plan

    • Review Your Contractual Obligations

      • Sample immigration compliance request from a customer to a general contractor

      • Customer-required I-9 Audits

      • Providing Immigration Compliance Certifications to Your Customers

        • Reasonable Requests for compliance assurances

        • Unreasonable requests and how to handle them

  • Conclusion

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