Presidential Visa Proclamation 

What Employers Need to Know

FORMAT: Live Webinar, Available Nationwide
DATE & Time: June 24th, 3:00 PM CDT 
Due to the urgency & impact of this issue on the business community, we are waiving the regular training fee of $249 and are providing this training for free.


President Trump issued a proclamation on June 22, 2020 suspending applications for immigrant visas/green cards at US Consulates, and instructing agencies to make it more difficult for employers to hire international personnel on temporary legal work visas. In response Corporate Immigration Compliance Institute is hosting a live Q&A Zoom Forum to address any concerns or questions of business professionals. 
HR, legal, supervisors, and international personnel are encouraged to attend. 

** Sharing login information with non-paying participants is strictly prohibited.  CICI reserves the right to cancel the training at any time without refund for non-compliance with this policy.


  • Introductions

  • Presidential Proclamation Analysis & Discussion

  • Open Q&A

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