Retaining Employees Not Selected for H-1B Filing in 2020 H-1B Cap

FORMAT: Live Webinar, Available Nationwide
COST: $249.00


U.S. employers stand to lose highly qualified professionals needed in essential businesses in cases where their international employees were not selected for 2020 H-1B Cap filing. This causes employers to scramble and consider outsourcing jobs abroad, which not their preferred outcome.  This training outlines additional viable options available to employers to continue employing workers in the US. 

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  • Introduction.

  • Employer’s H-1B candidates has not been selected in H-1B Lottery, what now?

  • Employer’s Options to continue employing F-1 International Students with OPT Employment.

  • Authorization Documents, STEM EADs, and CPT.

  • Employer’s Options regarding TN-eligible Canadian and Mexican employees.

  • Employer’s Options regarding  E-3 eligible Australian employees.

  • Employer’s Options regarding H-1B1 Singaporean and Chilean employees.

  • Multi-national Employer Options.

  • Other visa and permanent options.

  • Timeframe.

  • Q & A.

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