US Employers with Employees with Delayed Work Permits – Action Needed Today!

US Employers with international workers who submitted an application for employment authorization that has been approved by USCIS, but your employee has not receive their Employment Authorization Document (EAD), it’s time to reach out to those employees immediately. A member of American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) has filed a class action law suit requesting that EADs be issued within seven (7) days, and there is a hearing on the Temporary Restraining Order scheduled for tomorrow, July 29. Declarations from affected, eligible employees need to be submitted today, July 28, in order for the declarations to be presented during the TRO hearing tomorrow. Submitting a declaration is sup

USCIS possible shutdown update for US Employers – Furloughs suspended until August 31, 2020

Background: In spite of being approximately 97% funded by Fees, USCIS announced it was issuing 13,000 furlough notices to USCIS employees, which would essentially shut down the agency. The furloughs were originally to go into effect on August 3, and according to the agency, this was due to lack of sufficient funds to operate. USCIS asked Congress for a 1.2 billion dollar bailout to keep operating. Congress looked into USCIS’ financial revised estimates which showed USCIS was actually projected to end the fiscal year with surplus. Temporary Good News for US Employers – Furlough Extended: USCIS just announced on Friday that it has agreed to postpone the furloughs that were to go into effect

What Employers Need to Know about I-9 Compliance and USCIS Work Permit Issuance Delays

USCIS has been delaying issuance of approved work permits. This means that employees are unable to produce approved work permits in time for I-9 updates. US Employers also need to be aware of USCIS printing delays that are causing employment authorized individuals to not receive their documents on time even though they timely filed for these documents, and USCIS has approved. According to a recent article by the Washington Post, USCIS has laid off contractors that assisted with printing of documents, and they have reduced USCIS workforce at their internal printing locations. Because of these printing stoppages and delays, individuals with approved Permanent Residency and approved work auth

DHS Extends Temporary I-9 Changes Until August 19, 2020

DHS is once again extending the flexibility in I-9 requirements for employers operating remotely due to COVID-19. The flexibility allows employers with specifically written policies to review documents provided to establish identity and employment authorization remotely. With this extension these policies will now last from July 19th until August 19, 2020. As a reminder, we reported on the changes here and explain how to implement a COVID-related policy implementing these I-9 flexibilities: DHS Guidance Update for E-Verify and I-9 Compliance During COVID-19 Pandemic As a reminder, the policy allows for employers with specifically written policies to virtually inspect documents presented for

US Employers Should Make Plans for Possible Shutdown of USCIS

Despite being 97% funded by filing fees from applicants, USCIS has announced that it is running out of funds and will shut down unless Congress provides additional significant funding within 30 days. Combined with the fact that U.S. Consulates currently are closed and no visas (with a few exemptions) are being issued by the State Department, this would certainly put U.S. employers in a bind as they may not be able to retain their international personnel already in the U.S. Employers Make a Plan of Action Employers should carefully review all international personnel files with their business immigration lawyers and make a plan of action pertaining to retention of international personnel. At

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