What to do if ICE Shows up at your Office

On August 3, 2018, my colleague, Danielle Atchison, posted on our blog regarding ICE’s 2-Phase Nationwide Enforcement Operation, under which over 5,200 I-9 notices have been delivered to companies since January. These Notices of Inspection (NOI’s) inform business owners that ICE will be auditing their hiring records to ensure they are complying with federal immigration regulations. Considering the fact that ICE is just ramping up, (2,738 of these NOI’s were served in just a five-day timeframe) companies should be proactive in preparing for the possibility that ICE shows up at their door next. In the case ICE does show up to serve your company an NOI, we recommend following the procedures lis

Automatic Extensions of Expired Work Permits – Honduras Temporary Protected Status

Recently we have been receiving a lot of questions from employers regarding workers with work permits that have been expired for more than 180 days who claim they are still work authorized. In some situations, the employee is no longer authorized to work because he/she does not qualify for automatic extension, and continuing to employ these non-qualifying individuals would be a violation of the Immigration Reform and Control Act. In other situations; however, the employee is making a valid claim, and terminating that worker could lead to potential discrimination charges. Example: Employee has Honduras Temporary Protected Status (TPS). His EAD expired on January 5, 2018. Employer correctly

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