Pizzerias, LLC Ordered to Pay Fines and Train HR for Immigration-related Discrimination

Training, training, training…It’s the first step towards compliance, and the government agrees. A pizza restaurant franchisee with dozens of locations in Miami, Florida was slammed with $140,000 in fines and an order to train Human Resources personnel on corporate immigration compliance for their anti-discriminatory hiring practices, as well as ongoing government oversight. Pizzerias, LLC (Pizzerias) was violating discrimination laws by requesting specific documents from certain employees and not others. Specifically, Pizzerias was requesting permanent resident cards from non-citizen workers to prove their work authorization, but not requiring the same specific document restraints on their U

Immigration Raids Are On The Rise... What Does That Mean For U.S. Employers?

What's Going On On January 25, 2017 President Trump signed an Executive Order titled "Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States." The order outlines plans for enforcing immigration laws, including, increasing and expediting the deportation of removable aliens from the United States. This Executive Order significantly broadens the class of people now in top priority for removal and will likely lead to an increase in the scope and number of immigration raids, as we have been seeing over the last few weeks. What Does This All Mean For U.S. Employers? While the full impact of the new Administration's policies is yet to be seen, there are several immediate takeaways for employe

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