Kansas Restaurant Manager Jailed for Employing Undocumented Workers

ICE and U.S. Attorneys are actively enforcing immigration compliance requirements against employers in Kansas. Since the 2009 ICE Worksite Enforcement memo was issued, ICE and U.S. Attorneys have been imprisoning and fining Kansas employers for immigration-related violations. In February 2016, a manager of a rural Kansas restaurant, who was under ICE investigation since 2011, was finally sentenced to jail and fined for employing unauthorized workers. The investigation into El Mezcal Mexican Restaurant in Ottawa, Kansas started several years before any charges were brought, but as soon as indictments were handed down, the restaurant was paralyzed and the manager caught off guard. The restaura

Will the Supreme Court Re-Hear the Case Involving Legal Work Permits for 4.5 Million Workers?

July 18, 2016. The US Acting Solicitor General’s asked the Supreme Court to rehear United States v. Texas, a matter involving the preliminary injunction on the president’s DAPA and expanded DACA programs. Work Permits Continue To Be Blocked The Supreme Court had to issue this decision with only eight members on the Court. The Court deadlocked 4-4, which meant that the decision of the lower court to block work permits remains unchanged. The whole issue of the executive action in this case boils down to work permits for foreign workers: whether the workers already in the US will be allowed to be registered, screened, and apply for temporary work permits. About 4.5 million workers who are worki

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