Lawrence, Kansas Drywall Company Owner and Others Indicted for Immigration Issues

Multiple drywall company owners and managers are said to have knowingly employed an unauthorized workforce. Owners and managers of businesses where there is a shortage of authorized labor often hire anyone who is available to work, and sometimes that means hiring those without authorization. However, as we see in this case, the penalties for taking such risks far outweigh any possible reward. What happened? It has been alleged that owners and managers of a dry wall company in Lawrence, Kansas, Plaster Masters L.C., hired unauthorized workers and paid them cash. The charges against the six defendants include harboring, conspiracy to harbor, money laundering, bank fraud, and conspiracy to comm

ICE Continues To Build Criminal Cases Against Supervisors and Managers, Not Only Business Owners, fo

An all-too familiar storyline has recently played out for an Arizona car wash chain owner and its managers. Daniel “Danny” Hendon, the owner of Danny’s Family Car Wash, and the managers of his stores plead guilty and were sentenced to jail time for charges related to business immigration violations. Moral of the Story: Criminal indictments for immigration regulation violations do not stop with the business owners; they flow through to anyone involved in the company’s hiring process. What Happened? Danny’s Family Car Wash has dealt with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) a few times. We reported on the company’s most recent encounter with ICE back in 2013, Arizona Car Wash Chain Hi

ICE April 2009 Worksite Enforcement Memo

The April 2009 ICE Enforcement Memo continues to be the blueprint for how Immigration and Customs Enforcement builds civil and criminal cases against "employers, owners, CEOs, managers, supervisors, and other in the management structure of a company." Here is a link to this very insightful memo: LINK Posted by Business Immigration Attorney MIRA MDIVANI MDIVANI CORPORATE IMMIGRATION LAW FIRM RESOURCES: Corporate Immigration Compliance Training Immigration and Customs Enforcement US Citizenship and Immigration Services

Mid-Level Managers Caught in the Middle of I-9 Worksite Enforcement: Company Forfeits Millions of Do

Grand America Hotels and Resorts operate luxury hotels and resorts in Arizona, California, Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming through its Sinclair Services subsidiary. ICE Investigated Grand Palace for Alleged Immigration Violations In 2010, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement began investigating the employer for potential Immigration Reform and Control Act violations, including errors on the I-9 Employment Eligibility Form and employing workers who allegedly did not have authorization to work in the United States. What began as a “simple” I-9 audit has resulted, four years later, in drastically different outcomes for the company and the middle managers responsible for hiring of the workers. One

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