ICE’s Investigation of Alleged Immigration Violations in Hiring Practices Leads to a Guilty Plea for

What is Immigration Compliance and Why Should You Care? Immigration compliance is a growing concern for most employers because the focus of government enforcement efforts has shifted from targeting employees to employers. There has been less and less of the vans rounding up workers and more prosecution and civil fines assessed against employers. The government expects immigration compliance from employers, which includes the completion of an error-free Form I-9 on every employee and the implementation of immigration plans, policies, and procedure to ensure correct I-9 practices. Failure to comply with these regulations has landed many employers in jail, fined, or both. Criminal Penalties

USCIS Launches Employee Portal: myE-Verify

USCIS recently announced the launch of a new website designed for employees called myE-Verify. The website, the first of its kind, is for employees and will aid in combatting fraud, protecting employee identity, and educating United States workers. myE-Verify, an extension of the already established E-Verify, is free to employees and use is voluntary. If employees choose to utilize it, there are helpful features like Self Check and the Employee Rights Toolkit. Additionally, the following services are being introduced within myE-Verify: -myE-Verify accounts – Allows employees and job seekers to set up free and secure personal accounts to manage the use of their information in E-Verify and

Annual I-9 Audits: Why Your Company Isn’t One and Done

We try to always remind our current clients when it is time for their annual I-9 audit to help them maintain immigration compliance. A lot of our clients understand why their business needs an initial I-9 audit to “clean up” their I-9s, but by the time a year has passed, they may not realize the importance of having their I-9s audited on an annual basis. According to ICE Best Practices, businesses need to have a system in place to prevent errors on their I-9s. As part of this compliance system, companies should be having ANNUAL I-9 audits on their company’s I-9 forms conducted by a trained I-9 auditor. The I-9 audit serves a dual purpose: it ensures that all the errors are caught and cor

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