Certification Program

LOCATION: Overland Park, Kansas
FORMAT: Full Day Training Seminar
COST: $2,750.00
Asses Your Company's Immigration Compliance, Identify Vulnerabilities, and Receive Training on How to Correct and Minimize Liability
   Assemble Ready-To-Implement Corporate Immigration Plans, Policies, & Procedures for Your Company, Drafted by Business Immigration Attorneys
     Receive Training by Business Immigration Attorneys on How to Implement Your Plans, Policies, & Procedures 
Business Owners  |  Chief Officers  |  General Counsel  |  HR Directors & Managers
This is a full day program taught by leading business immigration attorneys, who literally "wrote the book" on corporate immigration compliance. In addition to excellent training on all of the most current immigration compliance laws and regulations, participants will leave the seminar with ready-to-implement corporate immigration plans, policies, and procedures. 


  • Introduction

  • Immigration Control and Reform Act and Its Application to U.S. Businesses

  • Stepped-Up ICE Worksite Enforcement Strategy: Civil and Criminal Liability for Non-Compliance

  • Role of Corporate Immigration Compliance Officer

  • ICE Best Employment Practices Training: Employer Immigration Compliance Plan, Policies and Procedures

  • E-Verify: Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Getting Started with E-Verify Employment Eligibility Verification Program; E-Verify for Federal Contractors

  • Form I-9 Overview

  • I-9 Administrator Training

  • I-9 Self-Audits: The Best Way to Prevent I-9 Disasters

  • SSN No-Match Update for Employers

  • Subcontractor Compliance

  • How to Balance Employer Immigration Compliance with Non-Discrimination and Diversity

  • Role of Employer in Procuring Work Visas and Green Cards for Employees, Visa Compliance Issues

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Corporate Immigration Compliance Institute does not provide legal advice or engage in the practice of law. The information provided during training and included in the training materials is general information on the topics covered; it not intended to be a fully comprehensive analysis of the subjects addressed. If you have questions about specific applicability of laws, rules and regulations to your specific situation, or other questions of a legal nature, those questions should be directed to your legal counsel.