2020 Annual Corporate Immigration Compliance Virtual Conference

For HR Leaders, Compliance Officers,

and In-House Counsel

November 20th, 1:15 - 5:00 PM CDT

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You are invited to our virtual conference bringing together Human Resources leaders, Compliance Officers, and In-House Legal Counsel to review the latest issues in global mobility and corporate immigration compliance strategies. Presenters are leading business immigration lawyers and HR professionals who perform key corporate immigration compliance officer functions at their companies. The guest speaker of the conference is Ted McKnight, a former NFL running back with over 25 years of business experience.


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Business Immigration Attorney
Mdivani Corporate
Immigration Law Firm
Past President of Kansas Bar Association
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Business Immigration Attorney
Attorney Mdivani Corporate
Immigration Law Firm
Adjunct Professor of Business Immigration Law at UMKC School of Law
Recipient of Missouri Bar Tom Cochran Award



Guest Speaker
NFL Star "Touchdown Teddy"
Former Running back for KC Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, Raiders
VP, Employee Healthcare Benefits
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Corporate Immigration Compliance Officer
Berkel & Company Contractors, Inc.


1:15 PM

Welcome and Announcements

1:30 PM

Global Mobility and Immigration Compliance Trends for HR and Legal Corporate Leaders, Mira Mdivani & Danielle Atchison

In this session, we will walk through the top labor and employment law immigration issues we are seeing in the current immigration climate. This presentation will examine the latest coming from the White House on proclamations and executive orders affecting U.S. immigration. We will discuss the status of consulates, ICE worksite enforcement, work visas, and DOJ enforcement against employers. The goal of the presentation is to bring to light the latest updates and potential future changes in the U.S. immigration system.

2:30 PM

Visa and Green Card Strategies as Employee Recruitment, Retention, and Development Tools, Mira Mdivani, Danielle Atchison, & Rachael Mulford

We will discuss strategies for U.S. employers in recruiting top talent on the labor market using the business immigration system to their advantage. We will also discuss how to retain and develop those workers through H-1B amendments and the employment-based green card process.

3:30 PM


3:45 PM

 Implicit Bias and IRCA Discrimination, Leyla McMullen & Ted McKnight

This interactive training was created to assist HR and legal teams in identifying and counteracting unconscious bias in the workplace. During this hour, we will discuss diversity dimensions, define and recognize unconscious bias, and discuss and acknowledge privilege and identifying and counteracting unconscious bias.  

4:45 PM

Happy Hour Starts

Conference registration includes a Happy Hour Kit! After the conference ends, you will have a BBQ platter delivered to enjoy after the hard work of the day’s activities!

Register by November 15th and save $100

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