Immigration Compliance



Full compliance with immigration regulations means more than just having “good” I-9s on all employees. In fact, employers should have a policy and procedure on a dozen items, including conducting annual audits. Employers are encouraged to either train an in-house auditor or use trained auditors to conduct I-9 audits annually to identify and correct any bad practices in the I-9 procedure. The auditing responsibility should not be left up to the least experienced HR personnel or summer intern, but should be done by a well-trained I-9 Auditor. 


Our instructors are trained I-9 auditors, with experience auditing thousands of I-9s. Please contact us if you are looking to begin an audit on your company’s I-9s.


We also provide a complete, 30-day I-9 Auditor Training to larger companies that designate an individual to be a full-time compliance officer and auditor.


Have questions about immigration compliance audits?

Contact us!  We are happy to discuss your specific business and help you decide whether an immigration compliance audit is the best next step for your company.


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